Tuesday, November 5, 2013


My life has hit a lot of transitions lately.

1) I got married.
2) Moved into a new apartment.
3) Quit my job for another job I thought would work out, but didn't.
4) Am now job hunting.
5) Am working on another HUGE change that I can't talk about yet.

My apartment is still in utter chaos. We moved in over this last weekend. I don't think my husband or I imagined it would be such an under taking. It was. We are so lucky to have such amazing friends that stepped up to help us out.

We went from renting a room from his mom - into a 3 bedroom apartment. So we had tons of furniture to buy. I'll do another post on how it all turns out in each room.

For now, my vanity will be in the guest room. I ended up buying a desk that will multi purpose as both my vanity and my study area.

Anyways, I hope all is well with everyone and hopefully I will be back soon.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Life Junk

I've been on a serious hiatus.

In April I began a new job. So working full time and finishing up the semester full time made no time for blogging.

Then between all of that I was stupid and got a traffic ticket - so I haven't been able to buy beauty products lol.

On top of that my fiance and I finally picked a date and we've been trying to plan and get ready for our wedding (it's at the end of the month)

I have plenty of projects to take care of though. I think I might use my blog as an opportunity to put them up somewhere.

I have a chalkboard project. I am making chalkboards and using them as the dinner and drink menus. I might expand on it a bit and incorporate them in other fun ways.

I also have loads of gardening projects. We're having our wedding here, at home, in his mothers backyard. She has an orchard and then a fenced in patio setting with a pool and fire pit. etc... so we thought it would be a lovely (and inexpensive) alternative to some fancy venue. Plus, we are non-fancy folk and I prefer things to be simple.

I am making us some sort of cute, themed, cake toppers. I had wanted to order a beautiful topper from Etsy - but it's hand made out of clay and shipped from Japan (I live in California) so I wasn't sure if it would make it here in time. However, I found a cute and simple alternative (that seems to be my game/wanting extravagance and then finding something simple and more "us")

I have lots of decoration ideas to make as well. So this wedding has just sucked me in. I am going to be so happy about it - but can't wait till it's over.

We are also looking into buying a house. That is a whole other adventure in the works.

With all of that my best friend had her first baby. So I helped plan and prepare her a baby shower and I've been over at her place as much as I can to spend time with her and my new little nephew.

Life has been over-all very busy. I hope I can get back to being me and blogging about non-sense and make up soon.

Hope everyone is doing well.


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Where the Heck have I Been Hiding?

Hello there!

Just a quick note that my blog has been dormant because I M now working full time and going to school full time.

Most of you might be thinking "so what, I do that too"... Problem is I am 45+ minutes from work (on a good day) and another 40 or so minutes from school. I am in the road driving to one or the other 3 or more hours a day.

On top of that I am now, finally, planning our wedding, my best friends baby shower and my nieces 3rd birthday party. My time from now... Till October is "go, go, GO!"

Sit tight, look pretty and I will be back as soon as I can :-)

I fall through the door onto my bed and sleep.

I have gotten some recent goodies from places but haven't been able to blog about them.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Share the Swap

I couldn't think of a proper title for this. So many things came to mind. I wanted it to be fun and witty and... fail haha.

Anywho, I recently swapped with a lovely blog/vlog/mua'er named Willow. She really is one of the sweetest people I have come across in the beauty community. I will link her blog below.

Originally, we had connected to swap a blush, but then became internet pals and decided to swap a little more.

My first package, of goodies I purchased at IMATS, didn't arrive to her. So I decided to send her a new box of other goodies. I'm so happy that one arrived! I was happy that I received her package around the same time I sent the second.

The card (and bag) are so cute!

She packed all the goodies inside the bag - it was coincidence that we had the same idea, as I had done something similar =)

I can't even tell you - HOW - excited I was that she send me the Sleek Storm palette. I mean... yes, can't explain how excited!




My pictures don't do products justice. It was a weird over cast day and my phone is the best camera I have at the moment... so there ya go lol

Anyways, thank you so much Willow for being so sweet and sending me so many awesome products!

Here is the link to her blog: http://willowsworld92.blogspot.com/

NOTW: Summer Sparkle

Yesterday, my fiance and I took a friend out to lunch for her birthday. We don't normally visit the valley and so I decided we should visit the Skinfood store while we were there.

She and I ended up picking up a couple of nail colors.

The creaminess of these polishes is just ridiculous! So pretty, pigmented and creamy.

The color I chose is such a pretty summer color - I can see myself wearing this all summer long.

Skinfood Pedicure Sparkle #1

Friday, March 15, 2013

Recent things...

That HOT PINK made me think of my friend Ciara@thesleepyjellyfish - you should ALL check her out - her talent and looks are freaking amazing!

She mentioned to me that I should try brighter colors. I am terribly afraid of colors like that.

I tried to wear this... I even tried to tone it down, I just wasn't able too. It is so incredibly beautiful though.

I almost bought this little beauty recently - but then Ashly talked me out of it haha...

I lust after Smashbox products - I love them. They are one of those things that I love that I don't own a lot of.

These are recent purchases for me (within the last month or two)... I haven't purchased smokin' hot yet... but I am sure I will sometime in the future...

But I did manage to pick up "Wicked", "Lady Like" and "Mochachino"

Did anyone celebrate Saint Valentines Day? Because I am still looking for a job, I ended up making dinner and we stayed home =)

But these chocolate hearts were yummy

As well as these Wonka candies... It's a mixture of Shocktarts and Sweet Tarts...

I was going through old photos I stored for wedding ideas (our wedding is in the works but is on hold until I find a job...)

But I remembered this dress and I think something similar might be "the one" =)

Or this one - but I definitely like "Tea Length" dresses. Since our wedding will be a backyard wedding... I think it's more casual, bot not to casual and very appropriate...

I like them almost equally. However, the first one seems more romantic to me. I will have to post my wedding ideas - but that will probably be a separately blog - unless you all don't mind seeing it on this blog? Let me know in the comments below.

And I have saved the best for last... my friends insane cat trying to sneak things out of my neice's diaper bag to chew on...

He will sniff, snatch and run and then hide somewhere and chew holes into clothing - I haven't seen it first hand - but - my friend (who owns the cat) showed me sweaters and shirts he has chewed on lol - Such a funny boy!

I have been on the hunt for the PERFECT peach lip to wear. I really like MAC's Peach Blossom - but I think I want a more affordable alternative - does anyone have any ideas? Please let me know if you know of some stunning peach lipsticks?

I did manage to snag some of the new Revlon Lip Butter colors. I will be posting about this soon, so keep your eyes peeled... well not literally =)

NOTW: Lush Life

I saw this in the drugstore and had to pick it up! 

I saw a similar look on Angie@Goldiestarling's nails in her February Favorites video. I fell in love with it.

I picked up Essie's "Trophy Wife" to put under Sinful Colors "Lush Life" and I love the sparkle and shine!