Saturday, November 12, 2011

Birchbox: I Cancelled My Subscription

I've been pretty unhappy with how things with Birchbox have been going for me lately. With all the new beauty box companies coming out all the time... I really hope Birchbox steps up their game and gets back to being wonderful like they were when I joined in the beggining of this year.

I've had problems with everything. From not receiving products in my monthly box to not receiving products in my regular orders and it always takes them forever to either figure it out or ship out the missing item, which to me... is NOT ok. If you miss something in someones order... it should be shipped out immediately if not the next business day... I've had instances now where it has taken them over 3 days to ship out the missing products. Or its taken them a week to get back to me about my missing product.

I've also had boxes where a product wasn't secured well and it got ALL OVER my other products and box... it was one of the hair oils.

Yes, they are sweet and apologetic... but it's no excuse for poor service, sorry.

My last few boxes have consisted of items I would NEVER use and don't match my "beauty profile". I leave the feed back or email them and it just hasn't been getting better.

I've also seen some youtube videos where it seems some girls receive way more samples than others? Seriously? Bleh. Or they get tons of higher end products... I'll get excited and then I get what feels like the left overs.

So I'm going to give Eco-Emi a try. I've been really interested in the whole "eco-friendly" concept for some time now... i'm very excited.

I just hope Birchbox gets back to who they were before their numbers exploded and I would love to return. But until then I might try out new boxes, from other companies here and there... so stay tuned =)

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  1. I’ve never tried Birchbox, but I’ve read a lot of reviews with people having the same issues as you and they too are cancelling their membership! By the way I like your blog I’m a new follower!